The Quality Tourism commitment

La Grande-Motte Tourist Office has been awarded the “Qualité Tourisme” label by Offices de Tourisme de France as part of its efforts to satisfy all its stakeholders.

Definition of the mark
Qualité Tourisme™, registered by the Ministry of Tourism, represents a guarantee for tourists, but also a pledge of trust.
It is the culmination of a policy and a quality approach implemented over several years with the aim of always better satisfying the needs of visitors, service providers or even elected officials while respecting the national commitments of the Qualité Tourisme™ mark.

Our Quality Tourism commitments
La Grande-Motte Tourist Office is committed to :

Guarantee an efficient and warm welcome for visitors, with a personalised approach to enable customers to easily access reliable tourist information throughout the year
Meeting visitors’ expectations
Take customer feedback into account, summarise and report on it, so that corrective action can be taken on a long-term basis.
Welcoming them in a space that is accessible, visible, clean and comfortable
Be smiling, available and attentive to their needs
Sell “LGM By La Grande-Motte” products in shops to promote the brand
Market guided tours to discover the architecture, heritage and environment of La Grande-Motte
Introduce visitors to the resort’s leisure and accommodation facilities
Provide visitors with access to tourist information in several languages
Offer additional services: ticket office open every day, touch screens, 24-hour information via a touch screen, etc.

Work to constantly improve our services and tools in order to facilitate the team’s work and quality of life at work
Establish internal communication through general coordination mechanisms: digital tools, meetings and seminars
Develop the skills and know-how of the entire team by implementing a training plan
Enable employees to get involved in collective decision-making through group work and an idea box
Carrying out an annual interview to assess employees’ objectives

Professional partners
Maintain a link with all of the region’s tourism referrers by engaging in ongoing dialogue (mailings, meetings, pro space).
Helping tourism service providers to adapt their offerings to market needs and visitor behaviour, with the aim of offering quality services before, during and after the customer’s stay.
Draw up an annual action plan to promote the destination, encouraging partnerships and the pooling of resources with local public and private players
Communicate regularly about the Tourist Office’s activities
Promote the qualification of the supply of private furnished accommodation
Generate direct economic benefits for La Grande-Motte’s nautical service providers and our partners.

6 professionals in La Grande-Motte have been awarded the Qualité Tourisme label :







Elected representatives
Implement the destination’s tourism strategy in line with the town’s ambitions
To develop the financial autonomy of the La Grande-Motte Tourist Office by increasing revenue from the tourist tax, offering high added-value services and rationalising operating costs.
To be a source of ideas
Establish regular communication

Other commitments
To optimise the promotion of the resort according to the guidelines set out in the tourism development plan
Attract targeted customers
Strengthen La Grande-Motte’s brand image
Extend the tourist season
Improve La Grande-Motte’s presence and image on the Internet: develop themed websites in addition to the main site, social networks, etc.
Develop year-round business tourism
Increase visitor numbers and local consumption during events
Organise events in line with and in collaboration with the town’s services